Marriage Mastery Retreat

with International Marriage Interventionist

Jennifer N.Price

Dallas, TX       March 22nd - 24th  2019


An Innovative Approach to Marital Success

Do you want to improve your relationship?

At Marriage Mastery Retreat, you will experience a safe environment where you feel understood, valued and respected.  This security, coupled with Jennifer's innovative strategies, allows you to experience a profound transformation, both as an individual and in relationship.

Marriage Mastery Retreat is a hands-on, intense, and fast paced marriage and personal growth seminar.  Jennifer combines therapeutic practices from multiple fields and teaches you strategies necessary to create lasting change.    

A combination of mindset strategies, scientific data, demonstrations, and experiential exercises are used to raise your awareness of self and strengthen your relationship.  Jennifer has strategically structured the program to guide you through the necessary stages that will produce healing, growth and longterm success.

Innovative Marriage Intervention Using

The Immersion Technique

Marriage Mastery provides instant relief, hope, healing and transformation.

Jennifer uses The Immersion Technique which provides a fast and easy transformation compared to traditional marriage counseling -- and the transformation you experience lasts. 


Retreat Schedule


Check-in 6pm 

Welcome Reception 6:30pm-7:30pm 


Morning Session          9am - 12noon

Lunch Break                 12noon - 1:30pm

Afternoon Session       1:30pm - 5:30pm

Dinner Break                5:30pm - 7pm

Evening Session           7pm - 8:30pm


11am - 3pm


Each day includes lectures, science-based information, discussion, and exercises (some of which you'll do on your own and some you'll do with your partner).


During presentations and discussions, the group will be seated in a comfortable lounge area. When doing exercises, you may move to a place with more privacy: separate seating areas, the pool deck, or to a garden area. You will not be pressured to share intimate details with the group.


What You'll Get


  • tools & strategies to carry with you throughout life so you'll be capable of maintaining a successful relationship

  • life and marriage TRANSFORMATION

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What You'll Learn:

  • a step-by-step game plan to completely turn your marriage around and fall deeply in love again (even if trust is gone and things seem hopeless)

  • the surprising secret to having an easy, joyous relationship with much LESS effort

  • how to encourage spousal growth and change - without criticizing, nagging, or being controlling

  • how to deepen your connection and intimacy

  • mindset strategies to improve EVERY area of your life (including self-esteem, self worth & confidence)

  • how to create love and value in your relationship

  • the art of forgiveness and how to graciously accept forgiveness

  • how to reignite your passion and drastically enhance your sexual relationship


Privacy & Respect

Your story is yours - you won't be forced to share intimate details in the group setting. Marriage Mastery Retreat provides privacy with your registration and your participation is confidential.


What Does Marriage Mastery Retreat Cost?

Marriage Mastery Retreat is less expensive than most Private Intensive programs.


Jennifer keeps the retreat small so each couple is guaranteed attention and favorable results.   


Marriage Mastery Retreat is equal to approximately one year of weekly counseling - except you experience results fast and they stick.

The retreat investment is $750 per couple.


*Hotel, food and travel are not included.  For a list of hotels close to the retreat:


Success Rate

With a 97% success rate, know there is hope to heal your marriage. Please read client testimonials below.

Marriage Mastery Retreat

Dallas, TX       March 22nd - 24th  2019



"I was ready to take the life of my unborn, and then take my own life.  


Jennifer showed me that I didn't really want to die, I just didn't want to continue life the way it was.  She helped me create a compelling future, rid myself of anxiety and depression, and improve my marriage - all in just a few phone sessions.  I now have a good marriage (it's getting better by the day), am enjoying my one year old daughter (she's an angel), and am working towards my goals.  I didn't know I could be this happy!  Jennifer is a miracle worker."


KATIE - New York, USA

Marriage Mastery Retreat

Dallas, TX       March 22nd - 24th  2019