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"My main professional focus for years has been Marriage Intervention.  Because I had countless coaches and therapists worldwide asking for 1:1 business mentorship, I decided to train business owners on how to reach and help more clients. I still devote a limited amount of time to couples because I love helping people improve their relationships.


MARRIAGE INTERVENTION is different from traditional counseling or therapy.

Intervention uses a combination of psychology (from counseling and therapy) and strategies (from life coaching) to form a powerhouse marriage-saving method that catapults you to a place of success, fulfillment, and purpose.


Whether we work together 1:1 or if you experience Marriage Mastery™, my marriage saving program, the strategies and techniques I use will provide you with clarity, motivation and the skills necessary to create massive and lasting change.  Marriage Intervention is goal-focused, forward-thinking, and provides lasting results.


Clients often say their first week with me provides more benefit than years of therapy or reading of self help books. Enroll in Marriage Mastery™ or sign up for a consultation if you'd like to discuss your specific marital needs."  ~Jennifer

Marriage Mastery™ is a relationship program Jennifer developed for those interested in quickly creating positive change in marriage.  She takes couples on a deep dive to create a relationship with peace, passion and purpose.


Results include:

  • Trust Rebuilding - even after an affair

  • Develop Deeper Connection - even if you've disengaged

  • Successful Communication - communicate with sincerity, even if you've put up walls

  • Create Intense Attraction, even if it's been gone for years


The information Jennifer teaches and the strategies used are:   

  • Science Based 

  • Entertaining

  • Deeply Beneficial


Strong marriages don't develop naturally, 

they are purposefully created.


Flexibility and Convenience

Participate together or separately.  Watch the videos and do the exercises in your own time, in the privacy of your own home.  And check in with Jennifer for a group video conference once a week.

No Guesswork

You no longer need to be overwhelmed at how to improve your marriage or what to do.  Jennifer has it laid out, week to week, all topics and steps to improvement in a specific order that brings success.  Your responsibility is to show up and do the work.

10 Modules to Success

Videos and exercises comprise each module.  Plan to spend 4-6 hours per module.  10 modules to create a successful relationship transformation!

You're guaranteed to laugh, cry, heal, grow, and have a fantastic time in this marriage program.  In the end, your relationship will be one of depth, joy, and passion!



  • heal your past, own your future

  • successful conflict resolution

  • barriers to effective communication

  • meeting each other's needs in mindful ways

  • the foundation of marriage: friendship

  • developing a beautifully passionate sex life

  • role determination

  • child rearing

  • different forms of affection; how to meet each other's needs when they differ from yours

  • expectations: how they're a curse and the fix

  • understanding how family background influences you in marriage (and what to do with this)

  • affair-proof your relationship

  • trust building


  • how to be truly present (and its affect on your connection)

  • identify, understand and appreciate differences & how to make them work for your marriage

  • internal and external pressures on marriage

  • extended-family involvement in your marriage (what's appropriate vs damaging)

  • how judgment kills marriage and the fix

  • what to do when resentment creeps in

  • financial management

  • how to develop and continue teamwork

  • controlling tendencies vs loving tendencies

  • developing a compelling future

This isn't your typical marriage help.

Jennifer's program is creative, fun, and offers so much more than what therapy or counseling offers. It provides you with practical solutions and you get results fast. Not only does you marriage improve, all areas of your life improve.

  • Duration: 10 Modules  (one module takes one to two weeks)

  • Who: motivated couples ready to catapult their relationship to success

  • Meetings: weekly live video group teachings via Video Conference

  • Exclusive Access: Marriage Mastery Private Facebook Group 

  • Optional individual private sessions with Jennifer



Start by watching this FREE Marriage Masterclass.


In this Masterclass:  5 strategies to catapult your relationship to peace, passion and purpose.


Bonus: the #1 action to take today to create an immediate shift in your relationship.


In beautiful locations around the world, Jennifer offers her renown 10-step marriage-saving program, Marriage Mastery™, where she guides couples into a relationship of depth, success, and joy.


Exclusive Group Retreats occur twice a year.  

Personal Custom Retreats are available where Jennifer works with one couple for individualized attention.

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