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Please read the information below so Jennifer can prepare for your interview.

Hey You!


Thanks for being interested in being a guest on The Marriage Show!


What makes a great interview?  Authenticity, transparency, a big 'ol heart that wants nothing more than to serve others and deliver great content.  And -- your story.


So come ready to rip your heart wide open and SERVE.  Come with a high energy, sparkle in your eyes, and the desire to change lives - because that's what we're going to do! 


A great interview is also about high AUDIO QUALITY.  If sound quality is not clear, you won't sound like the professional that you are.  So please make sure you are in a quiet location.  Your microphone needs to be a noise canceling mic that minimizes unwanted background noise for clear conversations and no echo.



The interview outline and basic questions will be crafted by you and me well before your interview date.  This is not a sales pitch on your behalf - this is all about delivering beneficial content to the masses - so please don't mention your webinar, services, or any free gifts or consultations you offer.  At the end of the interview, I will ask how people can learn more from you and that's your opportunity to provide listeners with your website.

Please email me the following:

• your bio, less than 150 words

• a high-resolution professional portrait head shot

• your website URL

• your social media handles (twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Please see the examples below of how your episode will be advertised.  You'll want to choose a professional headshot in either of these shapes.

Black & white images and dark background images are fine, but as you can see in the examples below, these images must be vertical because the logo doesn't show up well on a dark background.

When your interview is complete, Jennifer's show Producer will edit and curate the final episode.  When the episode airs, we'll be in touch with the above style audiogram so you can advertise the podcast with a link where people can listen.     
Please submit your headshot, bio and social media handles to:
Thanks and sending you blessings!
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