Want to start a business,

grow your online presence and community,

or launch a profitable online  course?

(if so, you're in the right place!)

This is the system I used to:

• make $18,000 my first month in business

• grow my online community to over 28,000+ members globally

• easily create three profitable low-tech online courses

(and what led to entrepreneurs worldwide asking me for 1:1 mentorship)

*and I want to teach it all to YOU*

Imagine. . .

…being on vacation and receiving a bank notification for deposits of $495 or $5,500 because people purchased your online course — all while you were eating fresh pasta in Italy, sipping wine at a vineyard outside Paris, or drinking mimosas while brunching on the beach after snorkeling off the coast of the Cayman's.

That's what happened to me.

Launch flops? Been there. Product flops? Yep, that, too. I created my first online business in 2012, grew a large community on Facebook, and have created two more profitable online businesses since. I used to have $15,000 months, now I have $15,000 days and I'd like to teach YOU how to do the same.  

The School for Online Business comprises 3 separate courses to teach you how to #WorkFromAnywhere with a #LaptopLife


Whether you want to launch a successful business, grow your online community, or create a profitable course, The School for Online Business will help you succeed!


Choose one course or all three as a discounted bundle. 

"The success of any launch, business or product, is about strategy."

The School for Online Business



Biz Blueprint.png

Business Blueprint

The necessary essentials to create a successful and profitable online business.



Online Presence.png

Build Your Online Presence

Learn strategies to grow your online presence and community in a few months.



Online Course.png

Create Your Course

Quickly create a low-tech and profitable online course in just 7 days.

Want to book Jennifer 1:1?

You'll have the option to add individual 1:1 sessions with Jennifer after checkout. In these sessions, you may discuss your specific business growth needs.



Hello!  I’m Jennifer, a Life and Business Strategist.  I grew my Facebook group, Marriage Matters, to 28,000+ people in a short amount of time, developed three profitable online courses for my clients, and have business owners worldwide (coaches, counselors and therapists) constantly asking me to mentor them which led to the creation of this program.  


I developed The School for Online Business to help people establish successful online businesses, grow their online presence and community, and create profitable courses for their client's success.


This school is a three-part program where the courses can be purchased individually or as a bundle, depending on your needs.