Marriage Intervention falls under Strategic Intervention.

Strategic Intervention is an equally balanced combination of life coaching and therapy/counseling.

A therapist / counselor looks at your past or current situation, listens to how you feel, and helps you analyze why you feel and behave the way you do. Therapy provides a safe place to release negative energy, vent, and talk about your problems. This provides the client with a sense of peace and resolution. Therapy often involves a diagnosis, treatment of disease or mental illness, and prescription for medication. The relationship between therapist and patient is one of hierarchy, where the patient is in a position of being subject to a clinical diagnosis from his/her therapist, much like with a primary care physician. Therapy is open-ended and can go on for years if necessary.

A coach takes a client from where they currently are in life to where they want to be in a relatively short amount of time. Coaching takes your life from 'okay' to exceptional using strategies and techniques that empower the client with motivation, inspiration, clarity, insight, and the skills necessary to create massive change. A coach will help a client accomplish their goals by helping recognize and eliminate obstacles. Coach and client are deemed equal partners, and the client taps into their own resourcefulness, capabilities, and is in charge of his/her life. Coaching is goal-focused, forward-thinking, and packed with action. Great progress and accomplished goals are seen anywhere from 2 to 6 months - although clients often remark the first session packs more punch than years of therapy or reading of self help books.

Sigmund Freud, after years of research and practice, came to the belief that the greatest of therapies would only return people to a version of the original problem and their unhappiness. This leads us to Strategic Intervention.

Strategic Intervention integrates the wealth of therapy's psychological understanding with the forward-focused practices and strategies of life coaching. It supports the need for true life fulfillment, and provides techniques to achieve a purposeful, fulfilled, and abundant life. Strategic Intervention encompasses: strategic therapy (both personal and family), social action therapy, direct and indirect negotiation, Ericksonian therapy, brief strategic therapy, human needs psychology, life-cycle theory, conflict resolution techniques, organizational psychology, and community organization. Strategic Intervention will equip you with the tools necessary to make immediate, positive, and lasting change in your life - and it's a fun process!

If you are motivated and eager for change, but feeling frustrated because you don't know how to create the life you desire and deserve, then Strategic Intervention is for you.

If you desire marital improvement, personal growth, healthier relationships, a massive life transformation, better health or want to kick negative habits but don't know how, please set up a free consultation with no obligation whatsoever. I'd love to talk with you about your goals, how I can help you achieve them, and explain how Strategic Intervention works. To schedule a free consultation, click HERE.

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