Accomplishing home projects can be quite the feat for some married couples. Take two people who, at the end of the day, are looking forward to relaxing... do you really want to jump in and start working on home projects and all the little fixes that need to occur around the house? Most people don't. Most want to end their work day relaxing, enjoying a good meal, and cherishing time with each other. But reality exists... stuff needs to get done... it's one responsibility of owning a home. Whether we're talking little fixes or a big project, there are a few strategies that you can use to help get things done and actually have fun while keeping the peace.

Treat home projects like business deals - but make it a fun business deal. Set aside a designated time to have a meeting regarding the home projects you want to complete - but make it a fun in-home date - do this over a fun dinner, wine, popcorn, or whatever you both enjoy. Document your discussion in a home project journal. Here are your steps...

Brain Dump

First, conduct a Brain Dump of all home projects (big and small) that you want to accomplish.

Order Of Importance

List your projects in order from most important to least. Try to decide together, but if you don't agree on what's most important, flip a coin. Allow one of you to decide what will get done first, then the other decides what to do second. Go back and forth until all items are on your list.

List What Needs To Be Done For Each

Create a list for each project. Write down everything that needs to be done for each project, the people you'll need help from, the necessary materials, etc. Document approximately what it will cost and determine what your budget will be for each project.

Schedule It On Your Calendar

Commit to the first project by putting it on your calendar. If there are specific deadlines for different phases of the project, include those on the calendar.

Do It or Delegate It

Be like Nike, and JUST DO IT or delegate it to the person who can.


Now sit back and enjoy your finished project. If it's something worthy of showing off to friends, host a dinner or BBQ to celebrate. Just be sure to celebrate in some way that's meaningful to you both. Celebrating wins, whether little or big, is a great way to keep connection and team work alive between the two of you.

Have any other ideas or tips that work for you? Please share in the comments below!

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