There are plenty of great ideas for date nights if you just get creative! Even if you're penny-pinching, you can create great atmosphere's at home that are both romantic and fun and find free or low-cost activities nearby! Here are examples of great dates, both in and out of your home.


• Candlelit Dinner - outside!

• Dinner and a TV or Movie Marathon

• Spa Night with candles, hot bath, wrap up in warm towels and have couples massage (or massage each other) with delicious oils, champagne, wine or your favorite cocktail

• Trip Down Memory Lane - break out your wedding/reception albums and videos, have a few drinks with either dinner, appetizers, or dessert, reminisce and laugh. The fond memories will remind you why you fell in love in the first place. You can even play the game "Remember when....."

• Bake Together - bake your favorite something yummy and then feed each other

• Wine Tasting Night - have fun tasting different wines and create a cheese, nuts, crackers, & olives platter

• Game Night - ever hear of Naked Twister?? or Strip Poker??

• Play 'Hotel Night' - grab a stack of fluffy towels, put mints on your pillows, order food in, stay in bath robes, and pretend you're in a hotel room for the evening :)

• Words in a Bottle - dedicate a whole week (or month) to writing down words of affirmation and put your slips of paper in a big jar or bottle. Write down things you adore, appreciate, or admire about your spouse and then on date night, take turns reading them out loud to each other.

• Plan a Dream Vacation - grab a bottle of wine and some appetizers and plan the perfect vacation. Hang your plans somewhere visible, set a date, and make it happen!

DATE NIGHT (or day) OUT:

• Cooking Class

• Spa Day or Couples Massage

• Drive-In Movies

• Miniature Golf

• Concert

• Bowling Night

• Waterpark

• Stargazing - spend a night under the stars. Grab a blanket and stare at the night sky during a clear evening. Play a little music, have a picnic.

• Rock-climbing

• Dance Class

• Skydiving

• Day trip to the Beach or Lake

• River Rafting or Canoeing

• Cave Exploration

• Horseback Riding (and picnic)

• Volunteer

• Family Marathon • Hire a Professional Photographer and be models for an afternoon - then reap the rewards and hang your beautiful images in your home

• Hiking

• Theater or any Live Arts

• Visit a Botanical Garden

• Hot Air Balloon Ride

• Tony Robbins' live event: Unleash the Power Within

• Picnic

• Attend a Formal Function - because who really doesn't love to get all gussied up?


• In-home Game Night

• Themed Dinner - invite your friends over and have a themed dinner - focus on any culture and cuisine, have the drinks and music to match!

• Cooking Class

• Escape Rooms

• Team Building Seminars

• Comedy Club

• Vineyard Tours in a Limo

• Bar / Brewery Tour in a Limo

• Sports Games

• Karaoke Nights

• Movie Night

• Dinner and an Art Exhibit

• Horseback Riding

• Go out of milkshakes

• Ski weekend

• Picnic

• Trampoline Park

• Brunch

If your partner isn't expressing interest in any kind of date night, start with something that involves his/her friends and an activity they will love. If you do this a few times and get them having fun, they're more likely to branch out, try new things, and have date nights more regularly.

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