DEAR JENNIFER: When my husband and I first got married it was like a fairytale ....and now he has no interest in me at all. I feel like a single mom.... he does not help at all with household issues or with our three children. He is also considering taking a job on the road and I told him not to because I need his help. How can I get him to help me in our marriage instead of me doing it all alone??? And how can I get him to see it should be each person giving 100% in the marriage instead of one?

~Married Single Mom

Dear Married Single Mom,

This isn't going to be an easy or quick fix. It won't involve you nagging him, demanding things get done, and it certainly won't involve you giving him an ultimatum. This will takes months of hard work on your part. Are ya ready?

Do not nag him or be critical. You're not his Mama! Negativity, criticism, and complaints are so dangerous... they kill relationships (marital passion and intimacy included)... learn more HERE. No one wants to hang around a dictator. But you can encourage him in beautiful, feminine ways. Become a lovely woman - a fun woman - a delightful and playful woman - the woman he fell in love with years ago. Read about how to tap into your femininity HERE. And read about how to become irresistible HERE.

Create a warm and inviting home. Bake his favorite dessert once a week, make sure the home smells good (think Essential Oils for a healthy fragrance), and be sure the home is tidy and there's plenty of natural light (light = happiness).

Learn to speak his Love Language. We all need to feel loved and each of us feels loved in slightly different ways. You may think you're doing things to make him feel loved, but you may be doing all the things that you would appreciate and make you feel loved. Learn about Love Languages HERE.

Learn all my tips for a successful marriage HERE.

Go on fun dates at least twice a month (activities you'll know he'll love - don't worry, in time he will reciprocate and do things you love, too)! You can find great date ideas HERE.

If you become irresistible, fun and feminine, speak his love language and fulfill his needs, he'll long to be around you and he'll die to make you happy (job close to home and chores included!).

So put on that French Maid costume and let him know the fun you'll have once the chores are complete!

Au revoir,


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