My Momma used to tell me, "You are who you hang out with." Turns out, science agrees!

Did you know that energy and emotions are contagious? This is called empathy. We begin to feel what another person is feeling. Negativity is dangerous because it can kill your marriage! Negative thoughts can lead to personality transformation, poor physical health, disease, and ultimately death. But the same holds true for positive thoughts... they, too, are contagious. In this episode, learn how negativity hurts you and your marriage - and what to do about it.

Show Notes:


• Webster's definition of expectation vs Antonio Bendera's definition.

• why energy and emotions are contagious


• Expectation comes in many forms


• No one enters marriage expecting to be lied to, cheated on, abused or abandoned


• Negativity is dangerous because it kills relationships and marital passion


• Neuroscientist Steve Parton explains rewiring of the brain and how the brain physically rewires its own circuitry to change itself


• how negativity affects your physical health


• why negativity can cause a person to lose their spouse

• how living with a negative spouse can make you feel and its longterm effects on you


• how to help yourself or your spouse if either of you can't break free from negativity


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