Do you find it difficult to achieve success in both career and marriage? When you succeed at one, the other suffers? You don’t have to choose - you can maintain balance and achieve fulfillment and success in both areas.

In this episode, I provide strategies that will help you accomplish more in a day, reduce stress, boost creativity, and help you manage time more efficiently - all which will make you more successful in every area of life, including your relationship. Without organization, structure, and excellent daily routine, your relationship will suffer. Adopt these tips and your business, relationship, and life success will soar.

Show Notes:


  • Webster's definition of expectations vs Antonio Bendera's definition (*I like Antonio's!!!)


  • Personal Experience I've researched, studied and tried many different strategies that catapult one to success in both business and mastery of life. It's all in the little things. They all are interchangeable, meaning, what will help you be successful in life in general, will help you maintain balance so your marriage is happier as well.


  • First Step for Balance and Success: Quality Sleep

  • The average recommended number of hours of sleep needed

  • Nighttime routine

  • EMF and what to do about it


  • Next Step for Balance and Success: Morning Routine

  • Suggested practices for a successful routine


  • Third Step for Balance and Success: Your First 2-3 Morning Hours Are Crucial


  • Additional Steps For Balance and Success:

  • Body care

  • Why you might consider trashing your to-do list

  • The one practice the super-successful do

  • How to maximize time regarding emails and social media

  • Creating alone time as a couple

  • How to make a daily connection with others


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