An estimated 85% of New Year’s Resolutions pledged each year are the same resolutions pledged the year before - and are rarely fulfilled. Why? Because most people don’t realize that to create change, you need more than a simple resolution.

In this episode, I talk with my life and business coach, Keara Palmay, and we dive in to discuss the difference between resolutions and actual goals, how to self motivate, and what’s needed to execute and obtain our goals. She gives us great strategies on self language, self confidence, and how to create lasting change in life and in relationship.

Keara is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. She helps soulful leaders synergize their passions into powerful work and has been featured in Success Magazine, the Huffington Post, and on ABC and Fox news. Keara also studied under Tony Robbins and worked as a coach for Tony’s organization for several years.

Come have a listen - but only if you want to learn how to really create change in your life :)

Show Notes:


The differences between New Year’s resolutions and actual goals.


The starting point for creating change in yourself.


What you need to figure out in yourself in order to create the change you want.


One key to obtaining your success and the necessary tools for that key.


What you need to identify to overcome obstacles and obtain your goals.


The things that prevent people from making lasting change.


Advice for couples where one is leveling up while the other is not.


Rapid-fire questions.

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