We acknowledge the many sacrifices military members endure while defending the freedom and security of our nation — and we acknowledge the sacrifices made by other service based careers that are dangerous (firefighters, emergency personal and police) — but their family members sacrifice just as much. Being the spouse of such service based professionals isn’t an easy endeavor. In my recent podcast episode on The Marriage Show, I talk with Aimee Lopez — wife to Dave Lopez, a former Navy SEAL who now conducts missions for two organizations: Operation Underground Railroad and The Nazarene Fund.

*O.U.R. rescues children from sex trafficking, and The Nazarene Fund rescues victims kidnapped due to religious persecution.

Dave’s life is constantly in danger, so we find out from Aimee how she remains calm while her husband is off in the dark trenches of evil constantly putting his life on the line, how she runs the home smoothly while Dave is gone, and how they maintain a normal home life and successful marriage despite the stress his job provides. And Dave is back on the show to join us for this conversation! So all of you who are married to someone with a dangerous career, you want to listen to what Aimee and Dave have to say here - it’s good stuff!

We talk about overcoming resentment towards the spouse with the dangerous career, how to prepare yourself (your mindset), the role of masculinity and femininity when together vs apart, how many spouses wish their partner would find a different (safe) career - but Aimee doesn't and she explains why.

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