A message from her to him:

"Thank you for having faith in me when I haven’t had faith in myself. Thank you for your deep confidence in yourself to pull me/us through this. Thank you for seeing my value/worth and hanging on. Thank you for loving me through my battles. Thank you for not giving up on me (and us). Thank you for your steady calm and steadfastness."


Obviously this man is a Warrior, a Champion, and her Rock. He exudes true masculinity. He is a real leader. He didn’t back down when she was struggling. When a woman struggles, her man is tested - whether she means to test him or not, she does - his patience, strength, courage, love, compassion, understanding and commitment are all tested. So in this situation, he obviously didn’t back down. Instead, he was a source of love, strength, safety, and security for her.

Whatever her struggles were, he created a safe space for her to become vulnerable, have the necessary courage to face her demons, and the freedom to heal, learn and grow. Because of his strength, love and steadfast perseverance, he created a strong connection between them, a deepened trust, and the type of bond that lasts a lifetime.

This is no easy feat for any man. Most would crumble. Most would give in or give up. Most would become impatient, frustrated or angry, question her behavior and maybe even judge her, and at worst, deem her crazy and walk away. But this man is loving and proved that. Did he need to prove himself? No, he could’ve walked away and moved on. But he chose to dig his heels in, anchor himself, and be the calm force in her ugly storm. This is masculinity. This is integrity.


Lean on your partner instead of others - no matter how scary that might be. Have courage to be vulnerable and expose your beautiful heart. Remain committed to yourself (your healing and growth).Persevere when you feel you have nothing more to give. Close your eyes, take a few deeps breaths, envision the beauty that awaits, and focus on the solution.


Rise up, be the calm in their storm, be their rock. Repeatedly tell them, “You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.” Love them unconditionally and without judgment. Exercise patience, compassion, and understanding. Let them know you aren’t scared of their struggles, their emotions or behavior, and that you have full confidence in them - that everything will be fine. Allow them to feel the force of your loving energy. Take whatever actions necessary to make them feel safe with you. Help them grow.

Love the struggles out of them.

Whatever you’re going through, whether you’re in his shoes or hers, rise up. On the other side of fear and struggles - is beauty and a deep love.

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