How can men grow in masculinity, leadership, integrity, and maturity? Most men view talking about feelings, being emotional, and talking with other men about important issues regarding emotions, relationships, and how to cope with life’s stressors as being weak, feminine, or emasculating. Find out how to tackle all this is a very masculine way with strength, courage, humility, and integrity - and it’s FUN.

Are you a woman tuning in? Learn how a woman can encourage her man, and then allow him the freedom to grow in these ways. It might surprise you!

In this episode, I talk with Travis Roznos, a men’s empowerment coach helping millennial men lead and succeed in their relationships and careers. Spending 10 years working in Ad Tech, Marketing, and Men’s Leadership Development his facilitation draws on the connection between self-introspection, emotional intelligence skill building, and group dynamics to support men in claiming their full range of leadership and vitality.

Come join us for this insightful conversation.

Show Notes:


  • why many men don’t want to talk about feelings or deal with emotional issues


  • the common denominator around most of the issues men face in relating on a deeper level


  • what women can do when they’re in a relationship with a man who isn’t opening up, talking, or dealing with difficult issues

  • how she can encourage him to want (or be willing) to grow in his masculinity and maturity


  • the one trait a man can refine that will shift his relating in a positive way

  • how parents can raise young men who are emotionally intelligent and mature

[ 24:16]

  • advice for men who haven’t discovered their purpose in life yet the biggest opportunity for men if they currently aren't doing what they love for work


  • how a man can be led into living in a state of integrity and maturity


  • what a men's group is

  • who they are for

  • what is talked about and accomplished

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