Grief hits us for a variety of reasons and can be quite crippling if we don’t know what to do with it, how to navigate through it, and how to thrive (and be happy) despite our loss.

Are you suffering extreme grief from the loss of your marriage, your job, death of a loved one, or any other extreme loss in your life? Grief is one of the most deviating emotions and can cause extreme symptoms if not dealt with properly. It can affect your physical and mental health, your career, sleep quality, relationships, and can seep into every area of your life to create devastation.

In this episode, I talk with Diana Hernandez, an International Grief Coach helping others process and springboard from grief. Diana became a grief coach after recovering from the experience of extreme loss in her own life. In addition to working with clients, Diana hosts support groups and grief dinners to create community and support among fellow grievers.

Come join us for this powerful conversation that just may give you permission to free yourself from crippling grief you may be experiencing from loss in your life.

Show Notes:

[03:25] Becoming a Grief Coach

what led Diana to grief counseling

[12:28] Dealing with Grief

we discuss why some people handle grief well and others spiral into an unhealthy place where grief takes over and becomes debilitating

[15:58] Supporting a Partner In Grief

how a spouse can support their partner when they experience loss

[21:55] Parents Coping with Loss

how parents can cope with the loss of a child

unresolved communications with child

lost hopes and dreams and how to acknowledge them in healthy ways

[27:20] Understanding Grief

misconceptions of grief

common negative emotions that accompany grief and loss

[52:28] Advice for Bouncing Back

what is needed to bounce back from grief

what Diana learned from the loss of her two sisters and mother

[59:33] Rapid Fire Questions

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