Are you in a sexless marriage? Or do you have infrequent sex (like a few times a year)? Or do you have sex often, but it feels more robotic, routine and mundane? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then I'm betting you may be frustrated in multiple areas of your relationship.

Typically speaking, a sexless marriage is a troubled marriage.

To restore sexual intimacy within marriage, you must begin by having a holistic understanding of what a sacred, healthy and successful relationship looks like. Sex is a powerful force, a deeply bonding experience, and a sacred sharing of bodies, minds and spirits that is, in great part, the glue of a beautiful spiritual union between partners.

In this episode, I define sexuality in marriage, discuss how to approach the issues, the four actions that are hurting your intimacy journey, and the nine steps to restore sexual intimacy. I also discuss medical conditions that dampen or prevent sex and what to do if you cannot experience sexual intimacy within marriage.

Show Notes:

[02:10] What is Sex?

Sex is a powerful force (what sex really is and what it does for marriage)

[03:03] Both Bonding and Addicting

Sex is bonding and addicting (and why)

[05:33] Restoring Sexual Intimacy

8 things to remember while restoring sexual intimacy that will provide you with patience and understanding.

[16:59] What Not to Do

What NOT to do when trying to restore intimacy in marriage

The 4 things most people do that, unknowingly, drive a wedge between partners and hurt the intimate relationship.

[27:58] The 9 Steps to Restoring Intimacy and How to Conduct Each Successfully

[51:04 ] Medical Conditions

Medical conditions that prevent sex and/or decrease frequency, desire and pleasure, and what to do to maintain a close bond

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