Dave Lopez is a former U.S. Navy SEAL who currently conducts global missions with Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization comprised of retired special ops guys that rescue children from sexual slavery.

Why am I having this man on a marriage podcast? Because he exemplifies true masculinity - NOT because of his big muscles, charming personality or dashing good looks, and NOT because he’s a total badass Navy SEAL, capable of handling the world’s most dangerous situations and people; it’s because he is a complete gentleman, a man of integrity, a man pure of heart, and a man that knows TRUE masculinity, what it means, and how to live it.

In this episode, Dave and I talk about men, masculinity, and marriage.

Show Notes:


All about Dave


Dave describes what true masculinity is and what drives his passion on the subject of masculinity.


Dave tells us where he learned masculinity, and then how his time as a Navy SEAL changed and shaped his identity and masculinity.


Dave describes what masculinity and creating his self-identity has done for him and how it’s given him peace.


• In marriage, women can suffer low self-esteem and low self-worth because of mistreatment from their partner.

• Dave explains what happens to the male psyche and their behavior when mistreated in marriage, and how this all affects a man’s ability to be a good leader and remain masculine.

What women do to dampen a man’s masculinity.


Dave speaks directly to men in regards to masculinity, love, and relationship.


Find out what made this former Navy SEAL cry recently, hear advice he has for men regarding stress management, and he drops his favorite quote ( it’s a good one!!!).

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Dave Lopez Instagram

Operation Underground Railroad

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