Ever wonder what you can do to decrease the number of doctor visits per year for your family? Or how to eat nutritious meals on a strict budget and with little time? Do you ever wonder what is in the lotion or body soap you rub all over your body every day? And would you like to learn how to build a rock solid immune system?

Ben and Judith Jackson join me to discuss all this and more. They’ve been married 17 years and have 4 children. In their early years of parenting, their children suffered many illnesses and the stress from repeated doctor visits, both physical and financial stress, was overwhelming. So they conducted a ton of research and made simple yet significant shifts in both their thinking and their approach to their family's health. Their results were so profound they decided to make a career change and now show other parents how to create proactive health, build rock solid immune systems, and how to navigate illness when it does strike.

Come have a listen - but only if you want to be a healthier person :)

Show Notes:


Tips for busy families on how to spend a short amount of time in the evening preparing a dinner that’s healthy.


Families on a budget - Many people say “they can’t afford” healthy, fresh, organic food so they eat low-cost foods and processed foods - whatever is cheapest at the store.

Ben and Judith provide tips for healthy eating on a strict budget.


The more in tune we are with our bodies, the healthier we can be.

Ben and Judith guide us into learning how to be more in tune with our body, how to listen to what our body is saying.


We talk about why healthy products (body products, cleaning products and food) cost more and why we should invest in them.


Tips to kick an illness quickly or decrease the severity and length.

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