Do you feel at a loss when it comes to conflict resolution, arguing and how to fight without causing each other pain, destruction, or further disconnection

It’s inevitable - we're human beings - we're going to fight. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become so emotionally invested in a heated argument that it becomes a full-fledged FIGHT... like Holyfield vs Tyson -- (minus the punches and violence) -- but with the same amount of passion and hostility.

Fighting in marriage, although inevitable, can cause great damage if both partners aren't well-schooled in conflict management, self discipline, forgiveness, and compromise. Handling conflict the right way is an art, a skill if you will, and you can learn it at any point in life - if you desire and are willing to put forth the effort learning.

Fighting the right way (where you have successful communication with a healthy and productive outcome) involves several elements.

In this episode, I define how to fight right: how to prevent big blow-up fights, how to stay focused on the specific subject of conflict, how to have fruitful conversations, and the benefits of and why you need a post-argument ritual.

Show Notes:


“Fighting Right” also means learning how to handle conflict swiftly and successfully. It involved 4 key elements.


Step One is preventing big, blow-ups by utilizing these 3 key tools.


Step Two is staying focused - you eliminate one practice that almost all couples are guilty of, and instead, practice this one tip I provide.


Step Three is the secret to yielding a positive outcome and it involves 9 strategies I provide here.


Step Four is developing THIS fun element as you walk away from your conflict.

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