It’s difficult for many people to celebrate a holiday with joy after the loss of a loved one. The void left in the heart can make holidays difficult, but you can celebrate Christmas with excitement and joy.

Sofia is joining me today to talk about celebrating holidays with joy after the loss of a loved one. Sofia’s mother, Irene, passed away exactly 8 years ago today (on Christmas Eve) after a long and traumatic battle with breast cancer.

She’s here to tell us how her family has coped with the loss of their mother, how they continue to experience joy on Christmas (and how you can, too), and to bring hope and healing to those of you currently suffering so that you, too, can learn how to love the holidays again.

If you struggle during the holidays because you've lost a loved one, you'll really love what Sofia has to say. She is full of wisdom and insight, and just may unlock the key for you, allowing you to become joyful again.

Sofia Fedoryka Cuddeback is one of ten siblings that grew up in a Ukrainian-American home. After completing high school home schooling, Sofia traveled to Matsumoto, Japan, to study violin under the one and only Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of the Suzuki method. Since then she has commenced an uninterrupted career teaching violin to young children, all while marrying her husband John, giving birth and raising 6 children, home schooling her children, teaching children’s choirs, and serving as director of Music Ministry at her church parish. When she sleeps, I have no clue.

Show Notes:


How the death of a loved one can change the way a family celebrates Christmas - and how Sofia and her family have learned how to make Christmas and other holidays beautiful, enjoyable and peaceful.


Many people don’t celebrate Christmas (and other holidays) or do so minimally because it pains them too much to continue on without their loved one. We discuss how people can begin to celebrate again with joy, hope and love.


Sofia speaks directly to those listening who are currently struggling during the holidays due to the loss of their loved one.


How to feel gratitude in the wake of loss.


Being able to forgive ourselves, receive forgiveness and let go of regret.

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