Wishing your spouse would change for the better? Want improvement in different areas of your marriage? The first step to marital change ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS begins with self. Think Michael Jackson's song, "Man In The Mirror".

When YOU create genuine change in yourself, your spouse will become inspired to begin self work as well (typically speaking). If you don't know where to begin, the process can seem daunting and overwhelming. The good news? You can change anything about yourself if you have the desire, how-to knowledge, and commitment.

In this episode, I define the four key elements necessary to create change in yourself and how to go about creating the change you want.

Show Notes:


You can change anything about yourself if you have the desire, how-to knowledge, and commitment.

People don't change until *this (and why)


What you need to begin change.

The four things you need to be in-check to begin to change.


Attitude - why the right attitude is necessary.

What to do if you have a victim mentality.

Why suffering occurs.


Focus - how it helps you.What focus does for you.

What the driving force in our lives is.

Why the quality of your life and experiences are dependent on your emotions.

The #1 necessary action step when you're trying to control or overcome negative emotional patterns.

How gratitude, thoughts and self-language affect focus.


Commitment - the one thing you need to solidify your commitment.

[10:40 ]

Strategy - the importance of a solid strategy.

The seven steps to formulate your strategy.


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