Surviving marriage with children is NOT enough if you want your marriage to flourish and be successful long-term. You need to not just survive marriage with children, but THRIVE during this stage of family life. Children are one of the products of your love but they can easily and quickly become the focus of your entire life.

Your life becomes diapers, feedings, bath time, reading books, play time, cleaning up, more cleaning, and then… when all that is done, more cleaning up. And then at the end of the day when you’re exhausted and ready to retire, to relax a little, maybe even go to sleep, they work their way into your bed because they’ve already worked their way into your hearts.

Your living room is full of toys. Your car plays children’s music. You know all the Disney characters. Meals are centered around what they like and will tolerate. You scream cuss words as you step on legos, see rubber duckies in the bathtub that used to be your peaceful spa sanctuary, and then you suddenly find your identity centered around these cute and sweet little beings. If you’re not careful, your relationship with your life partner, your best friend, will take a back seat to these precious little beings and your connection with your spouse begins to suffer.

With a diminishing connection, communication starts to suffer, you argue more, become easily frustrated, become sensitive to little things, you feel insignificant, you can become lonely, and you may even start to question if you’re a good fit as life partners after all.

Both parents can experience guilt and jealousy. Women have long joked that men have 'selective hearing', but after childbirth, women experience selective hearing as well. Husbands and wives have their own daily struggles and in an ideal world, they should lean on each other for strength and support - but it’s difficult when both feel depleted or stressed.

Join me in this episode and learn how to thrive in marriage with children.

Show Notes:

Why and how children become your #1 focus in life and how it hurts your relationship.

The breakdown in relationship because of children.

Symptoms of both men and women when children enter their lives.

Why a little effort up front can help your relationship (and your children) THRIVE.

#1 - Maintain Your Connection

#2 - Practice Self Care

#3 - Have a Social Life

#4 - Exercise Daily

#5 - Maintain Healthy Nutrition

#6 - Get Quality Sleep

#7 - Learn How to Fight Right (so all the rest is harmonious) Let’s dive into each one.

#8 Maintain Sexual Intimacy

#9 Run your home with order, discipline and routine.

Tips for parents with infants and young babies.

Why gratitude is important and how to use it to boost the health of your relationship.

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