Gossip is self sabotage! There's something called Spontaneous Trait Transference and what it means is this..... when you make negative comments about others, people listening associate those same traits with YOU because the brain is wired to identify you with the comments you make (negative or positive).

People logically know you are talking about another person, but the brain forces the listener to perceive YOU as possessing those negative traits you speak of. Is this what you want happening in your marriage? Do you want your spouse to view you the way in which you speak of others?

So Mama was right... if you don't have something positive to say, say nothing at all.

Join me in this episode to learn how gossip affects your marriage, what to do instead of gossiping, and what to do if your spouse or friends gossip.

Show Notes:


Spontaneous Trait Transference, what it is, and what it means for YOU


The main reasons people gossip


What to do when you're around others who are gossiping.


What to do instead of gossiping.


Why you never want to gossip (or speak negatively) about your spouse.


Why gossiping is a breach of commitment.


What to do when you need to vent about your spouse.

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