Eating disorders strike a staggering amount of women across the world and have a tremendous impact on marriage and sexual relationship - often times the husband is aware there are marital or sexual issues, but he's clueless that it's actually an eating disorder causing the problems.

Did you know that ‘emotional eating’ is classified as an eating disorder? Seems kind of harmless, right? According to eating disorder expert, Lydia Knight, it’s not so harmless.

Lydia Knight helps women overcome eating disorders using a combination of neuroscience and mindfulness, and she’s here to talk with us about the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, what to do if you suspect your wife or daughter to have an eating disorder, how to create healthy eating habits, and our language regarding our own self image.

Show Notes:


Most common eating disorders

What defines them

Their symptoms


What ‘emotional eating’ is regards to an eating disorder.


The difference between an occasional over indulgence and a true eating disorder like binge eating.


Statistics and the leading nations for eating disorders.


The impact eating disorders have on marriage and sexual relationship.

What to do and say if you suspect your spouse has an eating disorder.


The causes of eating disorders in children.

Symptoms in children / what parents should be on the lookout for.

What parents should do if they suspect an eating disorder in their child.


Self-language regarding food, health, and our bodies.

What we should and should not say/think.

What a healthy relationship with food looks like.

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