Today we’re talking about the adolescent brain, children who have experienced trauma, what the public school systems are doing to help the children of our nation, and what you parents at home can do to help foster healing and care for children under stress.

My guest today, Jodi Jenkins Place, a High school English Teacher for 11 years, High School Administrator for 10 years, and currently Director of Phoenix Alternative Education Programs: a continued ed service in a non-traditional environment for students grades 6 - 12. This is a Blended Learning Instructional Model incorporating a Trauma-Informed and Responsive Philosophy with a Whole Child Emphasis.

Come listen to our conversation and learn how you, as parents, can have a better relationship with your children, how to understand them better and how to relate with them in a way that will foster love, care and support as they transition from child to adult.

Show Notes:


APA study on teens.


Adolescent brain development and why they can’t answer the question, “What were you thinking?”


The stressors on children today.


The Upstairs / Downstairs Brain


Modeling Emotional Regulation


Importance of Timing and Mindfulness

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