Do you feel plagued with emotional suffering, depression or anxiety? Negative emotional patterns? Are you consumed with fear? Do you feel stuck and find it difficult to move forward or create positive change because of your suffering? What if I told you that suffering is a choice? What if I told you that suffering isn't something that happens to you because of life's circumstances, rather, it's a place you choose to go because you're fulfilling some of your needs?

Tony Robbins famously says, "Pain is unavoidable, a fact of human life. But suffering is optional, it’s a choice." Have a listen to this episode, keep an open mind, and you might be surprised at what is revealed regarding suffering.

Show Notes:


The difference between pain and suffering. (“What he means is this: pain is part of life…….)


What “Learned Helplessness” is.The symptoms / beliefs of Learned Helplessness.The three categories of Learned Helplessness.


Category #1 - Permanence - the beliefs.


Category #2 - Pervasive - the beliefs.


Category #3 - Personal - the beliefs.


The important key to unlocking the real reason you are in a suffering state.

The decision you need to make to start pulling away from suffering.


Article on the 6 Basic Human Needs and the assessment & exercise: 6 Human Needs

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