Today we’re talking laughter. Without the ability to laugh at yourselves in marriage, you have no marriage (not a fun one anyway). Laughter is a crucial element to a successful and joyful life. Laughter is a physiological response to humor that releases tension, excretes endorphins, makes you happier, and is contagious. When you read headlines like, “Tiger Woods plays with own balls”, Nike says, do you laugh? How about, “Volunteers search for old civil war planes.”??? I’m really hoping they didn’t search too long. :)

Come learn how to seek and find more humor in your everyday life so your marriage will be an environment that is relaxing, rejuvenating, and — fun.

Show Notes:


Laughter and laughing at yourself.


Laughter - the physiological response.


How to find humor in everyday life.


How to begin laughing at self.

How to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.


The marriage conference, Dallas, Texas, March 2019.


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