Ever wonder what Marriage Intervention is? How about the difference between marriage intervention and traditional counseling or therapy? In this first episode of The Marriage Show, I dive into the differences and explain the results each yield.

Show Notes:

[1:03] What marriage intervention is; how it differs from traditional therapy and counseling; the relationship between therapist and patient; the typical timeframe a patient works with and gets results with a therapist.

[2:16] What it's like to work with an interventionist or coach; the relationship between interventionist and client; the typical timeframe a client with an interventionist.

[3:32] Sigmund Freud's final belief regarding traditional therapy; how Strategic intervention integrates the wealth of therapies with psychological understanding with the forward focused practices and strategies of life coaching.

[4:25] I list the different therapies, negotiation styles, psychologies, theories, and techniques Strategic intervention encompasses; what Strategic Intervention will equip you with and what those tools will do for you


Success Breakthroughs - Nick Nanton, Jw Dicks and Jack Canfield

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