Frustrated with your ex and the way you are (or are not) co-parenting your children together? Do you argue with your ex often? Are you worried for the emotional stability of your children since your divorce? Or do you want to learn how you can co-parent in harmony? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this episode is for you!

In this episode, I interview Anna Giannone. Anna is the founder of Co-Parenting in Harmony, a two-time international bestselling author, certified Master Coach Practitioner in co-parenting, motivational speaker, and contributor to HuffPost and Thrive Global. She’s a wife, stepmum, and passionate co-parent in her blended family. Anna helps co-parents raise well-adjusted, resilient and resourceful children in a two- home concept from little ones to young beautiful adults without ongoing conflicts.

Show Notes:


• Anna is on a mission to help divorced parents navigate the tricky terrain of co-parenting and she tells us why


• the main reason separated parents find it difficult to co-parent

• co-parents should emotionally detach from spouse partners; how and why


• avoid ongoing conflicts in front of children

• what to do if co-parents try to control each other or trigger the other

• how co-parents should communicate regarding the children


• whether or not friendship is necessary to successfully co-parent

• what elements are necessary

[13:43] • how co-parents can be respectful when they have different parenting values, styles, and rules for their children

• what to do with the children when co-parents can't agree on rules


• what Conflict of Loyalty is and why it's harmful to children

• Anna lists the top three elements to remedy Conflict of Loyalty


• how to focus on the child's wellbeing


• why saying 'Bonus Parent' is healthier than 'step-mom' or 'step-dad'

• Anna's five conflict resolution principles for co-parenting


• Trust is hard to gain and easily broken. -Anna tells us what co-parents need to do to maintain (or rebuild) trust

• Anna defines a 'co-parenting plan' and why it's beneficial


• the transition from spouse partners to co-parents

• introducing a new partner to children

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