Ever wonder what creates passion in marriage? Would you believe me if I said Polarity? Masculine and Feminine characteristics are opposite like the negative and positive ends of a magnet - they are attracted to each other. In marriage, it's the masculine and feminine energies that create polarity. When polarity exists in a relationship, passion is alive and well.

Many marital problems stem from lack of polarity (passion). Relationships don't end due to lack of love, they end from lack of passion. The fastest way to create passion is to create polarity by working on the masculine and feminine.

In this episode, I talk about polarity - what it is, why it's important, the characteristics of masculinity and femininity, what to do in unconventional relationships, common mistakes both men and women make that decrease marital passion, and I discuss the remedy. So dive in and enjoy!

Show Notes:


Study of Masculinity and Femininity


Defining Masculinity

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Defining Femininity.


Defining Polarity


Why Polarity is Necessary


Celebrating Polarity


Different Types of Conventional Marriages


Characteristics of the masculine and feminine energies


Polarity Problems in Marriage


The Remedy for Polarity Problems: Women


The Remedy for Polarity Problems: Men


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