Erectile dysfunction plagues millions of men, yet few understand what causes E.D. and how easily it can be treated holistically. The number one cause of E.D. is cardiovascular disease and E.D. is often the very first symptom a man will experience, even long before doctor's discover cardiovascular disease.

E.D. is a sensitive subject that not many talk about and today we dive in to discuss its causes, how it affects a marriage, and what to do if you suffer from E.D. We're not talking about the little blue pill, but we are talking about why everyone needs to be aware of E.D. and what you can do at its early onset to reverse it and your overall health.

In this episode, I'm talking with Dr. Carla Hightower, a certified integrative health coach and medical doctor.

She works with goal-oriented adults experiencing uncontrolled diabetes and shows them how to improve their health using plant-based nutrition and lifestyle changes. They experience lowered blood sugars, increased energy, and less pain while reducing their need for medication.

Show Notes:


Carla's thoughts on love


impact and causes of E.D. and lowered libidio


the effects of chronic inflammation and limited blood flow on women


E.D. is an indicator of other larger problems (heart disease)


E.D. and lowered libido - one of the first symptoms of diabetes and cardiovascular disease


when experiencing E.D. - how to test for diabetes and cardiovascular disease


how cardiovascular disease and diabetes causes E.D. and lowered libido

[12: 48]

the impact of the standard American diet


other common signs and symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes


benefits of good nutrition


impact of poor nutrition


differences between nutrition and lifestyle changes versus conventional medication


most important changes to make


#1 step to take when experiencing E.D., lowered libido or decreased pleasure


rapid fire questions

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