An Event in Dallas, Texas - By Women For Women 


You'll laugh, cry and jump for joy (literally).


Most importantly, you'll leave with the tools to create in yourself happiness, balance and a life with passion.

Dallas, TX       December 5, 2019

We all want to live a life that matters - and to enjoy it along the way.  


We want to reach our full potential but often find ourselves overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities. 


Our big goals (and let’s face it, our own self care and self nourishment) are pushed to the back-burner (and often forgotten) as we take care of everyone else around us. 


Negative thoughts and feelings sink in, overwhelm hits us, our self confidence fades, we feel unfulfilled and depleted, self care is lacking because we feel too guilty to stop and take care of ‘me’, therefore we lack passion and energy.


Another day passes, another week passes, another year passes. . . and we’re still juggling.  


We know we were created for more: more accomplishments, more love and joy, more passion, more peace….. But we feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to catch our breath.


Until now... 


Learn how to find joy in being a woman by bringing passion, freedom and balance into your life while achieving more and still finding time for you.


Join us in Dallas, Texas, December 5th for an evening that will leave you laughing, crying and jumping for joy (literally).

Dallas, Texas

2355 Thomas Ave.




Registration: 6pm

Event: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Invite your girlfriends and daughters (ages 15+).