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"During what was easily the most difficult time in my life, when my marriage was falling apart, Jennifer came into my life and in many ways saved me.  It's hard to believe that I went from the offices of a divorce attorney, to having the most loving, fulfilling marriage. My husband and I were able to grow as individuals and as a couple with her nonjudgemental and caring guidance.  


After meeting with several counselors, it wasn't until I met Jennifer, that I was able to get on a path of healing and growth.  With her help, I have transformed my marriage and have found myself living a more fulfilled life. 

At a time when much was missing in my life, I reached out to Jennifer for counsel. She helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. Through her guidance, I am a better wife, mother, physician and friend.  I have found happiness and fulfillment in my relationships that I didn't know was possible. I feel incredibly grateful to have worked with her and no doubt would not be where I am today without the work we did together."


JULIA - South Carolina, USA

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