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Hi, I'm Jennifer

Nothing lights me up more than helping others become fulfilled, successful, and live a healthy life with profound joy.


That's why I've dedicated my life to teaching transformation of self: mind, body, & spirit.


Why self?  Because every success (health, relationship, business, financial, or personal) starts with...  Self. 

80% of transformation in any area is Mindset and the other 20% is Mechanics. Because of that...


I'm obsessed with neuroscience, the quantum field, and psychology, how each plays a role in how we think, believe, feel, and behave, and how to quickly transform every area of life: health, self, marriage, and contribution. 

I will help you change your subconscious beliefs and behavioral patterns

so you can catapult yourself to success.

What You Need to Know...

  • Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and highly sought-after Mentor to Women

  • Founded the trademarked marriage-saving program Marriage Mastery™

  • Host of The Marriage Show™

  • Best-selling Co-author with Jack Canfield

  • Launched the global community ‘Women That Rise’

  • Contributes to humanity with a servant’s heart​​

AND... I am a Confidence Builder, Trauma Healer, Self Development Coach, plant eater, sun-seeker, positive-thinker, believer, and your #1 Cheerleader. 

I am a champion at creating change in my clients and fast. 

And my favorite of all…  I am a Grandmother!


The strategies I use with clients are science-based and descend from Human Needs Psychology - that means my methods are scientifically backed and work on all people: every culture, race, & religion.  So whoever you are, wherever you are, I can help.


  • Certified in Strategies for Conflict Management - University of Notre Dame
  • Certified in Intercultural Management - University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business
  • Executive Certification in Advanced Negotiations - Univ. of Notre Dame
  • International Strategic Interventionist - Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention
  • Best-Selling Co-Author of Success Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I help clients achieve their goals by recognizing and eliminating obstacles, and designing a clear plan that incorporates creative solutions for accelerated results.

I would love to help you!

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