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Dear Jennifer,

Has your husband ever told you that he is sexually attracted to a particular woman? We’re heading to a birthday party and she will be there. I don’t feel threatened because he will not cheat, but what would you think?



Dear Lauren,


I recently has a member in my Facebook Group Marriage Matters write the following comment regarding Spousal Support: 

"It's so much better to feel supported by your spouse instead of sensing that they secretly hope you'll fail at something to maintain the status qu...


If you’re looking at your phone while in conversation with your spouse, you’re cheating.

If you’re watching tv while your spouse is bidding for your attention, you're cheating.

Yes, I'm using the term "cheating" loosel...

Dear Jennifer,

My marriage is about over. We’re having serious intimacy problems and have been for years. My husband is touchy-feely after a few drinks but doesn’t follow through with sex. I’m frustrated and feel unloved, unwanted, and undesired.

I’ve told him he isn’...

The greatest people in the world have been hurt the most.  Look at Nelson Mandela. Suffering has a way of molding humans into otherworldly forces of nature that create massive positive change in humanity.

Personally, the people that have hurt me the most were spiritual...

Dear Jennifer,

I want to be a spiritual leader in my family. When our kids were young, I read books and the Bible to them, prayed with them, took them to church, hugged them and told them I love them often. I was more romantic with my wife when we were in the military...

Dear Jennifer,


I'd love your thoughts on the following statements I read somewhere:

*Don’t be friends with someone your spouse isn't comfortable with it.

*Don’t be alone with someone of the opposite sex.

*Don’t share intimate details about your marriage with someo...

Dear Jennifer,

"The older I get, the more I realize that life is short, and spouses should just love each other. Being alive and having a spouse to love is a miracle. If both husband and wife realize this simple truth, marriages could be transformed. So why is this not...

I dealt with a situation the other day where a wife asked her husband a question and he lied to her. He did not know she already knew the truth. So he lied.

He had not cheated. He hadn’t done anything wrong. But he did think that if he told the truth, she would get mad...

He looked at me and boldly said, “You’re very masculine. Does this resonate with you?”

Have a look at the picture I posted here… I am a woman. I am feminine. Right?

But this man I’m speaking of, he saw masculinity in me and told me about it. . . and. . . he was spot o...

A message from her to him:

"Thank you for having faith in me when I haven’t had faith in myself.  Thank you for your deep confidence in yourself to pull me/us through this. Thank you for seeing my value/worth and hanging on. Thank you for loving me through my battles....

Dear Jennifer,  My hubby and I have been together for almost 6 years.

We do not connect at all lately. When we talk we argue; we don’t have sex; I feel like a single mom because he’s working so much. Please tell me this is just a phase??

I’m so tired of hurting and cryi...

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